The handmade leather brand created by Melissa.  - she / her -



Arnhem . The Netherlands



Intrigued by the fusion of materials, the human body, nightlife and self-expression, HEIJST researches the spectrum of the human being.


The human body and the skin has always fascinated me. The power of the skin that heals from within ending up with scars, along attached are the memories. The power of a body that can create a story with the help of a wearable object, amplified by dance and movement. These natural powers give me a magical image. The exact tenor of this image will always play with my own perception, the interpretation of the wearer and the interpretation of the receiver.



Leather triggers me on different levels, emotionally and physically, by its smell, feel, texture, color, softness, roughness and sturdiness.


 It may trigger you and others too.

Take the opportunity to look beyond the daily behavior. Leather can make you celebrate who you are, expose your desires or do a subtle representation of a desire. An extension of human emotion,

creating your own space in which you can discover your inner self.






PHOTO: Dylan van Vliet

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